Anderson-davis offers innovative diversity & compliance training solutions.
Anderson-davis' AB 1825 & AB 2053 compliant online training Ι H.E.R.O.

"H.E.R.O. is FIVE STARS. I highly recommend this intelligent, engaging and informative course."
-- Ann M. Noel, Esq.
Principal author of California's Sexual Harrassment Training and Education Regulations
Former executive officer for the California Fair Employment and Housing Commission

Anderson-davis H.E.R.O. Course


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Anderson-davis' AB 1825 live and online compliant courses were selected by California's Fair Employment and Housing Commission to train its State Commissioners, Supervisors and Staff.

Since 1980, Anderson-davis has delivered award winning video-based and online diversity and compliance training to over 4 million employees, and in-house training to over 140,000 employees in the private, public, academic and military sectors in the United States and across the globe — including Panama, Canada, Kazakhstan and Thailand.

Anderson-davis offers online and live training on the following topics:
Managing Respectful Workplaces Sexual Harassment Prevention (AB 1825 and AB 2053 Compliant) Conducting Objective Investigations Healing Workplaces (post investigations) Generational Diversity Creating and Managing Inclusive Workplaces Diversity Ethics

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